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-Jana did a PHENOMENAL job helping us relocate to Florida. Staying focused on our home acquisition details and priorities, Jana helped us find and purchase the perfect home for our family.... My wife and I regularly express our appreciation for our home as we take evening walks in our beautiful neighborhood.. I've met several of Jana's very satisfied clients, whom she's maintained contact with far beyond the sale!!! Now Jana has her own platform and team to continue helping her clients on an even larger "More-Jana-Like" scale.
- J. Lafayette
-Canan helped us purchase our first home (which also happened to be a duplex property so it was quite a big bite to take on!) and we are forever grateful for having her expertise by our side. She made the whole process so much easier and helped us every step of the way. Being new to everything, she really made us comfortable with explaining our options, what we should look for, and more. She genuinely had our best interests at heart. Thank you for all your hard work and effort!
- J. Caceras
-Canan (Jana) Ozaktay helped us in our relocation to Massachusetts from Boca Raton, Florida. Anyone who had to relocate to a different state to start a new job in a corporate transfer situation must have experienced tremendous challenges. Preparing our house for the sale, house-hunting trips, dealing with climate changes, temporary living, adapting to a new job, searching for a new home in a market with very low inventory of new houses all contributed the lengthy and tiring process. Thanks to Jana's expert advise in positioning our home in Florida for quick sale for the price point that we were expecting, in just a few days we received an offer. While an offer is an important milestone in a home sale process, it is just the beginning. As they say, "no house is perfect" and despite the great condition it was in, ours was not an exception to the rule. Jana has been highly resourceful in quickly finding the right resources for a couple of repairs with very affordable pricing. When our stay extended from two weeks to four without notice, she even serviced our pool for us; something I would never expect from an agent. My wife and I highly recommend Jana for any real estate transaction as well as corporate transfers.
- Y. Karaman

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